SoDanca Canvas Ballet Shoe


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All Stretch Canvas shoe without drawstring, adhering perfectly to the arch and without gaping on the sides.

No unsightly gaping when on demi-pointe.

SHOES may be returned for STORE CREDIT OR an exchange with receipt.

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Black, Light Pink, Suntan, Sand, Mocha, White


8S, 8.5S, 9S, 9.5S, 10S, 10.5S, 11S, 11.5S, 12S, 12.5, 13S, 13.5, 1L, 1.5L, 2L, 2.5, 3L, 3.5, 4L, 4.5, 5L, 5.5L, 6L, 6.5l, 7L, 7.5L, 8L, 8.5L, 9L, 9.5, 10L, 10.5L, 11L, 11.5


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